UNICEF Georgia COVID-19 Situation Report for November 19, 2021 – Georgia



• USAID / Georgia and UNICEF have renewed their partnership to help the Georgian government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic – please see MONTHLY FOCUS on page 6.

• UNICEF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and HE the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan, distributed hand sanitizers donated by SARAYA Co. Ltd. at Gori Public School No.3. The donation of 140 tons of alcohol-based hand sanitizers was distributed to 2,080 public schools in Georgia.

• UNICEF engages with various actors to conduct a quantitative survey of adolescents’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards gambling.

• UNICEF continues to support MoIDPOTLHSA and the National Care Agency in Deinstitutionalization (DI) by providing assessment and crisis intervention for children who have left Ninotsminda boarding school.

• UNICEF, in partnership with the National Agency for Religious Affairs, organized a series of two-day seminars on the rights of the child; the first seminar brought together 17 representatives of seven religious denominations. A second seminar was organized by the Patriarchate of Georgia and UNICEF in Gori for representatives of the Orthodox Church. The seminars addressed issues of children’s rights and the role of religious leaders in promoting children’s rights.

• UNICEF, in collaboration with MoIDPOTLHSA, organized a two-day working meeting on the transformation of the assessment system for people with disabilities and the optimization of their social protection measures.

• UNICEF, with funding from USAID and in partnership with Geostat, completed data collection for the fifth wave of the COVID-19 Self-Protection Measures Real-Time Monitoring Survey and attitude towards vaccination against COVID-19, access to health care, the effect of the pandemic etc …

• UNICEF, in partnership with the Norwegian government, the Norwegian National Service for Special Needs Education (STATPED) and the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, organized a series of working meetings on inclusive education, to agree on the final version of the Inclusive Education Support System Model.

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