Wayne County Sheriff’s Report for October


October 2021 Sheriff’s Monthly Column

Dear neighbours,

It’s hunting season, so here is some information on dos and don’ts.: It is illegal to unload a firearm so that the charge passes over any part of a public road, is within 500 feet of a school, playground or factory or an occupied church, within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling, farm building or structure or use it unless you own it, rent it out, are a immediate family member, employee or you have the owner’s consent. You can hunt waterfowl over water within 500 feet of a home or public structure as long as none are within 500 feet of the direction you are shooting. It is illegal to catch or hunt wildlife in or on a motor vehicle (except by the holder of a non-ambulatory hunter’s license), using the lights of a vehicle, on or from from any public road, with any firearm equipped with a silencer, with any firearm that continues to fire as long as the trigger is held (an automatic firearm) or with any semi-automatic firearm having a capacity to contain more than 6 moves (some exceptions). A person cannot carry or possess a shotgun or rifle in or on a motor vehicle unless the firearm is unloaded both in the chamber and in the magazine. A loaded firearm may be transported or possessed in a motor boat during the legal hunting of migratory game birds. It is best to have written permission if you are hunting on someone else’s property. You can obtain a “Landowner Permission Record” card by visiting the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website at; http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/ask.pdf or an ENCON agent. Know your target and the background you’re shooting at. Safety first!

Winter driving: Slow down, allow extra travel time, and display your headlights and taillights when driving in extreme weather conditions to comply with the law and for your safety. Make sure your tires have good tread, air pressure is sufficient, put extra clothing in your vehicle, and keep your gas tank at least half full. Warm up your vehicle, clear away all snow and ice so that you can see 360 ​​degrees around your vehicle. Drive with your headlights and taillights on. Leave a great distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and move as far as possible to the right side of the road when approaching a snow plow. Remember that it is impossible and economically unfeasible for state and city road services to have roads free of snow and ice with our winter weather conditions. Please drive slowly and carefully this winter.

Statistical information: In September, 55 men and 4 women (59 in total) were held in the penitentiary, 84 transports, 5,625 inmate meals were served and $ 27,644.25 was collected from 6 inmates released on bail and almonds. The detainees worked a total of 1,285 working hours in the laundry room, cleaning facilities and catering. The penitentiary accommodated 17 inmates from the Cayuga County (1), Ontario County (2), Seneca County (14) Sheriff’s Offices and secured 23 parole offenders. Court security officers cleared 1,177 people entering the courtroom using the magnetometer, securing 18 weapons and 34 other similar contraband items to TSA airport security (firearms, ammunition , knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc.). MPs patrolled 103,877 miles, investigating 69 motor vehicle crashes in which 7 people were injured, 54 accident investigations, 1 missing person, 16 animal complaints, 1,148 miscellaneous complaints, 6 major crimes , 298 minor offenses, 5 fire investigations, 451 all other complaints totaling 1,979 for the month. MPs issued 164 tickets, 6 DWI offenses and made 109 arrests for offenses, misdemeanors and felonies, and 22 arrests for mental disorders. The Civil Office processed 52 legal documents and 87 family court orders, processed 2 evictions, received $ 111,032.54 and paid $ 109,522.46 to creditors. $ 10,012.39 was turned over to the county treasurer’s office for the county general fund.

STOP-DWI report: Wayne County law enforcement charged 23 people with DWI in the month of September, Newark Police Department 1, Sheriff’s Office 6 and New York State Police 16. Please drink responsibly!

Schools and training: Assistant Instructor Certification Course Brandon Burnett for Aerosol / Chemicals, Impact, Flashbangs / Stingball in Elmira, Assistant Thomas D’Amato and Assistant Theodore Kugler completed the Basic Accident Management Course at Oriskany , Deputy Thomas Munzert completed the SWAT Operator Selection Course in Jamesville, Sergeant Vance Carr, Sergeant Joseph Hendler, Sergeant / Investigator Zachary Aunkst and Deputy Travis Dunn completed the Instructor Course at Guns in Ontario County, Sergeant / Investigator Brian Pitt and Sergeant / Investigator Caley Gaziano completed the Evidence Specialist Course in Canandaigua, Lt. Matt Ryndock, Deputy Sam Ross and The Principal Officer Accounts, Cindy Tyler, attended the Civil Refresher School at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Rochester, Lt. James Miller and Correctional Officer Donald Dennie attended the Black Creek Sallyport conference in Syracuse, Deputy Thomas D ‘ Amato and Deputy Theodore Kugler attended an intermediate conference on accident management. Course in Oriskany, Lt. Mat Ryndock, Sergeant / Investigator Caley Gaziano and Sergeant / Investigator Anthony Senecal attended the graduation of the SWAT Operator Course for Deputy Munzert in Jamesville, Lt. Tammy Ryndock and Lt. Matt Hilkert attended the NYSSA Law Enforcement Supervisors Conference in Saratoga, Sergeant / Investigator Zachary Aunkst and Deputy Travis Dunn completed the Reality Based Training Instructor Course in Clinton, the Sergeant Joseph Roeland, Sergeant Laura Elsbree, MPs Brandon Burnett, Mason Craine, Robert Harkins, Thomas Radka and Jesse Wilson completed the Breath Analysis Operator Course in Canandaigua, Deputy Sheriff Jeff Fosdick and I attended the FLLEA Executive Development Seminar in Varysburg.

Sheriff’s application: To look for Wayne County Sheriff, NY to download the mobile application to your smartphone or tablet. It is available for free from the iTunes and Google Play (Android) app stores. The new app will help the citizens of Wayne County stay tuned to important information from the Sheriff’s Office. After downloading the app to your smartphone, you can receive alerts, news and resources.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, TELL SOMETHING: Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is used to keep you informed of events and arrests that would be disclosed to the media, but more quickly to keep you informed. Social media sites are not used as an official communication tool. Concerns and inquiries should be directed to me by calling 315.946.5797, emailing [email protected] or by mail: Sheriff Barry Virts, 7376 Route 31, Suite 1000, Lyons, New York 14489. If you have a complaint, whether it is an emergency or urgent, call 911 to have order respond immediately.

Visit us on our social media sites; Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and two Twitter accounts; @SheriffVirts and @WayneCoSheriff and website; www.waynecosheriff.org.

Please contact me at 315.946.5797 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have.

Sincerely, Barry Virts, Sheriff

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