First Annual Meeting of the Dutch Reverse Problems Community – CWI Amsterdam


A mathematician, a statistician and a physicist get together in a room… ”sounds like the start of a joke. It was, however, the main ingredient of a very successful first annual meeting of the Dutch inverse problem community.

The meeting on 25 and 26 November took place at the De Werelt conference center in Lunteren and brought together researchers from various Dutch universities working on inverse problems. This community includes mathematicians, statisticians, physicists, earth scientists, and medical imagers, all working on the fundamental and applied aspects of inverse problems. Such inverse problems arise whenever parameters need to be inferred from measurements and cover a wide range of applications. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, researchers from these different fields rarely meet. The aim of this meeting was to stimulate the exchange of ideas between disciplines.

Lectures included one on Optical Tomography (Dr. J. Kalkman), MEG Brain Imaging (Dr. R. Hindriks) and Seismic Source Inference (Prof. dr. J. Trampert).

Thursday, two masterclasses on data assimilation and optimization techniques were intended for doctoral students and enabled them to acquire both in-depth and practical knowledge on these subjects. After a delicious buffet dinner, there was time to relax and watch a movie or play a game. The next day, six guest lecturers from various Dutch universities gave an overview of the extent of research being done on inverse problems. in the Nederlands. To close the meeting, a panel of researchers from academia and industry discussed how the gap between them can be bridged and the effective modes of collaboration that exist.

Overall it was a very successful meeting and everyone was excited to have more events like these. We are already looking forward to the second annual meeting!

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