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Prince William County officials cannot back up a claim that a senior police officer used a racial slur to refer to the local NAACP chief several years ago.

The county’s human resources department completed its investigation into the Rev. Cozy Bailey complaint on Monday. Bailey laid the charge at the May 24 meeting of the Police Subcommittee of the Racial and Social Justice Commission.

Bailey said several years ago that he was invited by then-police chief Barry Barnard to speak at a leadership seminar. Bailey said he walked into a room with about 40 people and officers were chatting, but “All the chatter ceased when the chief introduced me as the president of the NAACP.”

“And as I walked out – even though the chef invited me to stay, it was too cold in there for me – what I heard was, ‘Glad the word n ​​is over,’ Bailey said.

The county determined that the incident would have occurred at the chief’s annual meeting in September 2017. The department interviewed 43 people during the investigation, including Bailey and several majors, captains, lieutenants and sergeants. Thirty-nine active and six retired police officers were interviewed, according to a copy of the report obtained by InsideNoVa.

“After a careful review of the witness interviews, the investigator determined that there was insufficient evidence to support the conclusion of an anonymous PWCPD [police department] member making a racial insult, ”the report said.

The report states that Bailey has had “countless meetings” with other parts of the county government and has never encountered a similar situation, noting: “It is not disputed that this was a alleged isolated incident “.

The report says all current and former police officers “categorically denied” making the statement or hearing anyone make it. He says officials said they would have taken immediate action if they had heard anyone make the statement.

The report also found slight inconsistencies with Bailey’s story. He said two other African Americans were in the room when he entered, but the investigator identified seven. Officials also said they were silent to “show respect for the guest speaker” instead. than for the “cold reception” described by Bailey.

Bailey told the investigator he did not report the incident at the time because “I don’t think it would have been helpful to raise the comment.” He also said he was not looking for any recourse to raise the allegation in 2021.

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